I’m Sandra Ramaker and I’m a member of Mesquite City Council. I was elected in 2018 to Seat #1.

I have lived in Mesquite for 13 years and am passionate about serving our community. I love having the opportunity to serve you.

I was your elected representative on the Virgin Valley Water District Board from 2010 through 2016 and am familiar with the issues surrounding this vital resource.
I have no conflicts of interest that would interfere with my judgment. I am knowledgeable about the business of the city and am honored to currently serve as Mayor Pro Tem.

I have volunteered with various organizations such as Mesquite Chamber of Commerce, Mesa View Regional Hospital, Kids for Sports Foundation, League of Women Voters, and others. I talk to people all the time and I strive to bring your voice to the table. I believe common sense is an important attribute, as well as transparency, accountability and accessibility.

Issues that are important to me include:

  • Fiscal responsibility and efficient use of tax dollars to meet demands of the community.
  • Advancing community development that matches fiscal and environmental constraints.
  • Promoting policies that help our golfing and gaming businesses as well as new tourism opportunities in sports and environmental excursions.
  • More affordable housing.
  • Ensuring open competition for public contracts.
  • Seeking input from the community and rapidly addressing questions and concerns.
  • Achieving employment in line with population demands.
  • Providing a voice for minority opinions.
  • Expansion of educational opportunities for our youth so they are better prepared for the job market.

I hear more comments about getting new businesses into Mesquite and revitalizing our downtown area than any other topic. We have been working very hard on this issue and there are new opportunities being developed. I am excited about the future of Mesquite.

If you have any questions or comments, I can be reached at Sandra@sandraramaker.com or 503-548-3879

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Sandra Ramaker

6 days 7 hours ago

Join us for city council meeting tonight at 5:00 p.m. -- you can watch online, click "in progress" when the meeting starts. Also, the agenda

Sandra Ramaker

1 week 3 days ago


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Last night, I voted to raise the debt ceiling and avoid economic catastrophe.

The full faith and credit of our nation is too important to risk in political games. The GOP must come to the table on a long-term solution to raise the debt ceiling & keep our economy moving forward.

Team Horsford was glad to stop by a celebration for the Kids for Sports Foundation in Mesquite, which provides equipment & scholarships to young athletes.

Congratulations to co-founder Cory Clementson for earning a Congressional certificate for his service to the community.

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